Emerging tactics in Syria – what works v. what doesn’t

Military theory is not static – a fairly obvious statement but one that warrants reminding. Military history shows us that technology can change how battles are fought but hindsight is not a luxury modern military leaders can afford. As the conflict in Syria rages on, I’ve noticed some trends around the use of unmanned vehicles, […]

End of the Chinese Miracle

In global economics, the title of “Emerging economy” is sought after on both ends of the supply-demand spectrum. Developing nations crave the opportunities that come with injections of foreign investment and investors are often excited by the potential return. On the list of emerging markets, China has stood out as a superstar. In 1995, China’s […]

Cat’s Keep

Many of the stories told today begin on great fields of battle where a dashing, young soldier distinguishes themselves through acts of daring valor. These stories follow the gallant blade as they returns to their lord’s keep – massive citadels of stone and loyal men – to receive land and title for their bravery. Perhaps […]