Bandannas are cool

With health on everyone’s minds these days, masks are becoming much more ubiquitous. The major benefit of this, besides the whole virology aspect, is the parallel reemergence of bandannas as a socially acceptable article of clothing. Do I need to say why bandannas are cool? They’re so rad. Almost everyone has one – they’re just […]

Corny speech

I recently discovered the concept of a Speakers’ Corner, a dedicated physical space for individuals to speak publicly and engage in civic discourse. My initial reaction was approval – the idea of bringing ideas to a public forum sounds very neoclassical, like something Socrates would’ve taken advantage of. Then I recalled the criticism of “free […]

Two numbers

100,000 and 6.6 million. These two figures represent the lower bound of estimates for U.S. COVID-19 fatalities and number of first-time unemployment filers last week, respectively. Markets reacted sharply to the former with a steep decline on Wednesday after the announcement from the White House task force. As the Trump administration has modified their language […]

The Market Post-Iowa

The winner of the Iowa caucuses was certainly President Trump. Obtuseness aside, the out-of-the-gate stumble by the Democratic Party’s vote tally debacle and the lack of a clear front-runner have afforded the sitting president a favorable set of outcomes from his opponents’ first, and most-visible, contest. Despite the title of this post, the link between […]

Emerging tactics in Syria – what works v. what doesn’t

Military theory is not static – a fairly obvious statement but one that warrants reminding. Military history shows us that technology can change how battles are fought but hindsight is not a luxury modern military leaders can afford. As the conflict in Syria rages on, I’ve noticed some trends around the use of unmanned vehicles, […]