Equifax Absurdity

To preface: Equifax’s data breach demonstrates an irresponsibility with client data. That said, until an investigation has been conducted (and I imagine that the Federal Government will have inquiries) placing blame randomly and rampantly is asinine. The most recent target of blame is Equifax’s Corporate Information Security Office, Susan Mauldin. While I would understand this […]

Reddit Cash

Since my last post on crypto-currency I’ve had discussions with others who jokingly mentioned Reddit users’ karma scores as a contender to Bitcoin. While user karma scores would promote a dubious economic model, Reddit has actually tried once before in 2014 to create its own currency. Called “Reddit Notes” the idea was to generate a […]

Stock Report: FDX – FedEx Corporation

Key Stats for FedEx Corporation Ticker: FDX Latest Price: $207.76 Value: $55.733bn Daily Volume: $440M Links: SEC Filings, FedEx.com 1. Deliverables FedEx’s portfolio contains a myriad of business, e-commerce, and transportation services through subsidiaries under the FedEx brand. These companies boast a unique build: they compete collectively, operate independently, and are managed collaboratively. Each company […]