Equifax Absurdity

To preface: Equifax’s data breach demonstrates an irresponsibility with client data. That said, until an investigation has been conducted (and I imagine that the Federal Government will have inquiries) placing blame randomly and rampantly is asinine.

The most recent target of blame is Equifax’s Corporate Information Security Office, Susan Mauldin. While I would understand this outrage if it were based on people or policies the CISO had brought into the role that critics could point to as contributing to a climate of irresponsibility, that’s not the cited reason many are upset. The real reason is because, in college, Susan had majored in a Music-adjacent field rather than in cybersecurity. They claim that this is evidence of cronyism/nepotism/insert-your-own-ism that is typical of corporate America. I’d link Mauldin’s LinkedIn profile to show her true professional history but as of today, it’s no longer available.

The fact of the matter is that collegiate studies shouldn’t be indicative of a person’s long-term career prospects, especially when the subject in question is cybersecurity; a field that had hardly existed 30 years ago. At the least, it wouldn’t have been recognizable in its present form.

As an American who was probably impacted by the security breach, I’m equally upset about this latest breach of consumer trust and would like to see stronger measures put in place to protect my private information. But until those affected have a constructive avenue to advocate change, the pitchforks should stay in the barn.

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