Equifax Absurdity

To preface: Equifax’s data breach demonstrates an irresponsibility with client data. That said, until an investigation has been conducted (and I imagine that the Federal Government will have inquiries) placing blame randomly and rampantly is asinine. The most recent target of blame is Equifax’s Corporate Information Security Office, Susan Mauldin. While I would understand this […]

Reddit Cash

Since my last post on crypto-currency I’ve had discussions with others who jokingly mentioned Reddit users’ karma scores as a contender to Bitcoin. While user karma scores would promote a dubious economic model, Reddit has actually tried once before in 2014 to create its own currency. Called “Reddit Notes” the idea was to generate a […]

Government Bust

My The West Wing binge has brought me to some interesting Wikipedia articles. The most recent is the page for the longest senate filibusters though using “senate” as a qualifier is a bit redundant. Of the two federal legislative bodies in the United States, the Senate is the only one with the rules permitting members to […]

Setting the Stage

In Aaron Sorkin’s early 2000s hit drama, The West Wing, one notices a predilection for the director to have the series’ characters conduct conversations whilst hastily moving through the West Wing of the White House. The tracking shots that accompany these dialogues allows for the viewer to feel as though they’re walking with the characters and […]

Disquieting History

Today Google commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Silent Parade – a protest held in New York City as a response to the East St. Louis Riots. The Silent Parade is regarded as the second instance of demonstrations in favor of civil rights. All of that information is available on the Wikipedia page though. The […]